Papadimoulis:"We are open to a propulsive compromise"
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Europe will give reasonable time to the new government to submit its proposals for the programme that will replace the disastrous memorandum, SYRIZA MEP and European Parliament Vice-President Dimitris Papadimoulis on Tuesday told ANA-MPA in an interview.

"The Greek plan of reconstruction and development will respect the country's commitments under the European treaties, but it will replace the destructive recipe and troika's model, which does not exist anywhere in the European tradition and European Law," Papadimoulis said and added: "The reconstruction and development plan will be based on sound public finances, balanced budgets and the sustainable development of the Greek economy in the euro zone and the rapid decline in unemployment."

Regarding the effort of the new government to render the Greek debt sustainable, he stressed: "SYRIZA will submit its proposals, which are not easy, to the negotiation table and we are ready for a mutually beneficial solution. We are open to a 'propulsive compromise', as the scenario of rupture is not in the interests not only of the Greek side, but also of our partners and lenders. For this reason I am optimistic that, despite what is being said mainly by the German right wing, there will be pragmatism and realism on the basis of mutual benefit. We do not want these discussions to take much time, and as you can see, Alexis Tsipras is moving fast to implement the popular mandate, without any delays."

Asked about the apparent favorable change in the international climate towards Greece after SYRIZA's electoral victory, Papadimoulis said: "A large portion of the political spectrum in Europe and in the government understands the outcome of the elections in Greece and the great victory of SYRIZA as a defeat of the unilateral destructive austerity of Schaeuble and an opportunity for the EU as a whole and particularly the eurozone to turn to a development and investment policy, aiming at reducing unemployment and strengthening social cohesion. In spite of our domestic opponents and their bullying propaganda, important initiatives are being undertaken by leading European officials so that mediation initiatives and positive steps are prepared in the near future."

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