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May 20th  2015
Good afternoon
It’s the day’s headlines with Manolis Polentas
Negotiations between Greece and its creditors towards an agreement that will be mutually beneficial are at a most decisive point, according to government officials. They say that this government aims at a long term agreement which will help end austerity, revive liquidity in the real economy and guarantee prospects for economic growth. The same sources say that this government will not negotiate an agreement in two or three different phases in order to secure temporary installments of a loan, emphasizing at the same time that such was the line followed by the previous government of ND and Pasok, which led to more and more austere measures and further economic asphyxiation.
The critical summit of European leaders in Riga, Latvia, is scheduled to begin tomorrow. The political secretariat of Syriza will meet this afternoon for preparations and quite possibly on the weekend, the party may well call its Central Committee to convene in order to decide on ways to support its government’s so-called “red lines” at the negotiations with the institutions.
Prime minister, Alexis Tsipras is expected to have meetings with the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, the French President, Francois Hollande, and European Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncher in the framework of tomorrow’s summit.
Medical doctors are on a 24-hour strike today, demanding immediate measures of support for all hospitals and Health Centers in the country, with the hiring of permanent personnel and payment of their overtime work owed to them from the past.
The weather forecast for today calls for partly cloudy skies over Athens, possible showers and 30 degrees Celsius. Similar weather in Thessaloniki and 29 degrees.
These were today’s headlines with Manolis Polentas 
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