Sakorafa about FYROM at the EU Parliament
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Ladies and gentlemen,

Just two months ago, in the discussion of the Annual Progress Report for FYROM, I had emphasized the fact that the policy of rewarding the negative performance resulting to the current situation of the country could only undermine the possibility of its own progress.
Unfortunately the events in Koumanavo, have confirmed my point of view in the most tragic way.
In our neighbouring country, there are serious problems related with the implementation of the rule of law,
the respect for human rights,
the implementation of the inter-ethnic Ohrid Agreement,
the respect of the principle of good neighbourly relations
and the democratic deficit.
These are, precisely the issues, on which we have to focus our attention. All other allegations (about external responsibilities) do nothing but embellish the reality, perpetuate the situation and deepen the crisis.
The continuation of this tactic and policy, above all, constitutes a direct undermining of the principles of the EU, and inhibits any chance for progress and development of this country, whose name is FYROM.
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