«No party discipline imposed on deal with Institutions” -Minister of State
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Reversing the government’s previous position that a deal with Greece’s creditors will be voted with party discipline imposed, the Minister of State says MPs will be able to vote freely.
“There will be no party discipline (imposed) on the deal with creditors. An overwhelming majority will support the deal” predicts Alekos Flabouraris, Minister of State and close aide of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.
The policy reversal however injected more uncertainty in the passing of the final bill through parliament as voices of dissent were being heard quite loud from within Syriza, just hours after Monday night’s EU Summit that envisaged more V.A.T. for Greeks and enterprises. 
Mr. Flabouraris did not rule out complications if no majority vote emerges from government members (SYRIZA-ANEL) stressing that turning to voters would be  a preferable choice than a Papadimos-type of government, referring to the former Prime Minister Lefteris Papadimos, a banker turned politician in Greece’s political crisis in 2012.
Mr. Flabouraris said of the emerging deal with creditors that “it is a difficult deal but a necessary one in the interests of the Greek people”. A positive factor for the Minister of Sate is that the issue of the Greek debt is now on the table.
As for the contested issue of V.A.T. for Greek islands he said there is still a battle going on to keep it low for smaller islands with low income per capita.
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