Punic Wars by the PSOE leadership
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Guzman Pascual Peramo - The date for the convening of Congress must renew the lines and the party program remains a matter of dispute. The January 30 has been called the Federal Committee, there takes place one of the decisive assaults by management training.
The major federations have threatened Sanchez with the collection of signatures, which would enable them to convene Congress against what it claims the current Secretary General, who want to delay it until after the formation of government.
Andalusia, Castilla-La Mancha, Aragon, Asturias or Canary Islands are some of the federations favorable to the advancement of the assembly, where it is assumed that the team would also change the party leadership. Only in the first, the PSOE won about 25% of the deputies in the general elections.

In front of her is the one shown on all bets to face Sanchez, Susana Diaz. The current president of Andalusia supported Sanchez won the primary with 49% of the votes; Eduardo Madina 36% (previous candidate of the national leadership) and Perez Tapias 15% (Socialist Left candidate, the leftist wing of the PSOE). It has always been believed that Sanchez would step aside when Diaz decided to make the jump to the national leadership. However, Sanchez seems to have rebelled against his "political mother" and has shown his intention to run for reelection.

Although the change in leadership does not involve a drastic change in the political line of the party, it could change somewhat the negotiations for the formation of government. While Sanchez seems to have closed the door to a pact with the PP, what happens in Catalunya with the new government can bring positions, depending on who lead the PSOE.

With the entry of the CUP in the Catalan government, the bid for independence should be more radical, if anticapitalist do what they have claimed their statements. Diaz prefers a heavy hand, Sanchez commitment to dialogue and reform the constitution, but without excluding the option of "applying the law if the Catalan government passes the law."

So far, both have ruled the agreement with Podemos while maintaining the requirement of a referendum in Catalonia. But on the table are other issues, such as output either party, or the boards of companies, from those who should play public office as president Felipe González, a lot of weight within the party.
Hyperactivity in Parliament

In the few days of parliamentary activity, Podemos yesterday presented a legislative initiative against evictions, energy poverty and the extent of public health. Today the PSOE has also filed another similar package of 17 measures in addition to raising the minimum wage, the repeal of the labor reform, local government and education law; also changes in public TV and another to encourage citizen participation.
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